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Solar control window film comes in many varieties. Each type of window film has specific attributes that are designed to help with heat gain, glare, privacy, heat retention, and UV rejection. Since 1984 AAA Glass Tint has been providing superior products, below are the most common needs for window film.


UV Protection

All of our window films provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays. This means that even our clear window films will provide you protection from the sun. 


Heat Rejection

Window film can significantly lower the heat of the sun from entering your space. Most of the window films we use for Commercials spaces will block over 50% of the heat. There are several option that have a high or low reflection appearance that could be used based on your preferences and glazing unit profile. 


Privacy window film comes in many forms. Unfortunately, there are no window films on the market that allow viewing from inside and not from outside that work during nighttime hours. 

The picture here shows a dark reflective film that gives great daytime privacy.


Fade Protection

Window film slows down the effects of fading from the sun. Here is a breakdown of why fading occurs and why window film will help slow down this process.

Window Film Blocks UV light. Depending on how dark the film is will determine how much Heat and Visible light will be blocked.


Heat Retention

If you have single pane windows then heat retention is concern for cold Chicago winters. 

We have a window film that will boost the insulative properties of your windows. By reflecting radiant back inside your space this will allow existing heat to be maintained. 



Since 1984 AAA Glass Tint has been installing window film in homes across Chicago. Our industry leading warranty matches your glass manufacturer so that you never have to worry if your glass is covered too. If you would like a copy of our warranty you can click on the link below. 



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AAA Glass Tint, founded in 1984, provides sales and installation of architectural window film. We focus on commercial and residential properties in the Chicago area. Our expert team can diagnose a solution for: glare, excessive heat, fade protection, HVAC costs, safety/security, custom decorative, and anti-graffiti

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