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Safety & Security Films have been securing buildings around the world for decades, including some of the most prominent government facilities in the U.S. Globally, schools have also benefited from the added layer of protection safety film provides. Easily installed, Armorcoat® safety window film is a much more cost-effective option when compared to laminated glass.


Delays unwelcome intruders, buying critical time for help to arrive

Invisible Barrier

Preserves natural light by allowing up to 89% of the visible light through the windows


Helps to minimize glass-related injuries and property damage

How and Why

Safety and security window films are an important component of security upgrades to school buildings because they significantly slow and often thwart any attempt to enter a building.


Security film works because:


                     ♦ It’s thicker than regular window films — anywhere from 4 to 14 mils


                     ♦ It increases the shatter resistance of glass Proper installation of security film is essential to its success. For the best,                            most effective results:


                     ♦ The film is first adhered to the inside of the glass


                     ♦ A large bead of structural silicone, known as a wet glaze attachment system, is then applied around the perimeter                            of the glass, firmly securing the film in place


                     ♦ The combination of the security film and the attachment system is what protects and strengthens the glass, making                          it difficult if not impossible for any intruder to enter.

Safety & Security Media


Reduce Heat

Decrease Glare

Improve Productivity

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Block 99% Harmful UV Rays

Clear or Tinted Security Films


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